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Help Sooriya

Sooriya is a young woman with an extraordinary journey who fled Afghanistan in the winter of 2022, after the taliban took over Kabul.

She is an exceptional woman with a committed career. She has worked for years to promote human rights – particularly those of women – and to fight for a more transparent policy in Afghanistan. Following the fall of Kabul, she unfortunately failed to obtain an emergency evacuation visa for Canada, despite the threats against her because of her social engagement.

Our team did everything to include her in the program for politically engaged people that was announced by the Canadian government, since the latter aimed to protect women journalists like her.

However, this program often changed and was subject to improvisation in the few weeks following the fall of Kabul. New criteria were added without notice, including the requirement to be outside of Afghanistan to apply or to be recommended by UNHCR or a specific agency.

While uncertainty reigned in the Canadian bureaucracy, Sooriya had to focus on her survival. She got out of Afghanistan and is now waiting for a solution to get to Canada safely. Her options are limited.

We don’t want to abandon this brilliant young woman, so we had to be creative in our approach. Thanks to our efforts, Sooriya was admitted  to the University of Ottawa in a master’s program in Public and International Affairs. Because of her extraordinary journey, the University even awarded her a special scholarship. The University of Ottawa has recognized the exceptional character of this young woman and also wishes to help her in her efforts to come to Canada.

However, in order to put the odds on our side, we need to demonstrate her financial capacity to support herself and pay the tuition fees that are not covered by her scholarship. 

We ask for your kindness and generosity to help us put the odds on her side so that her study permit is accepted. We want to give Sooriya the fresh start she deserves. 

All funds raised (except applicable bank charges) will be dedicated to financing Sooriya’s higher education and ensure her safe arrival in Canada. 

We thank you in advance for your solidarity!