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Help Sooriya

The first woman we are helping is Sooriya. An exceptional young woman with a committed background, she has been working for years to promote civil rights — especially those of women — and to fight for more transparent governance in Afghanistan.

Due to the high demand for Canada’s humanitarian programs for Afghanistan, she was unable to apply before her program filled up overnight. Fortunately, she was able to escape Kabul to a safe third country and escape the Taliban, who had threatened her life because of her social involvement.

Private sponsorships of refugees in Canada can currently take more than five years, and Sooriya does not have that kind of time. The country that took her in only allowed her to enter temporarily for a study program that is about to expire and she will not be allowed to stay longer.

In order to help her, we needed to find a quick solution, while allowing Sooriya to continue her courageous work for her country. Fortunately, she was admitted to the University of Ottawa in a Master’s program in Public and International Affairs, where the institution even awarded her a special scholarship based on her exceptional background. Education offers her a way out and we want to help her take it.

Because she would be coming to Canada as an international student, immigration guidelines require that she demonstrate her financial ability to support herself and pay the balance of her tuition in order to obtain her study permit. This is where our community comes in.