HONG KONGCanada has officially been petitioned to welcome the asylum seeking families who sheltered Edward Snowden in Hong Kong.

The announcement was made in Hong Kong by the three lawyers and acting directors of the not for profit organization For the Refugees, who have joined their clients as well as Barrister-at-law Robert Tibbo in Hong Kong in making this important announcement. Marc-André Séguin, Francis Tourigny and Michael Simkin represent the three families in their Canadian immigration proceedings.

We are encouraged by Prime Minister Trudeau’s commitment in taking a clear lead internationally in welcoming refugees, said For The Refugees President and Canadian attorney Marc-André Séguin. The Canadian government must take notice that these families, who have expressed their desire to safely relocate to Canada on multiple occasions, are increasingly at risk in Hong Kong.

“The reports we have received regarding the Sri Lankan CID’s activities in Hong Kong mean that, more than ever, relocating our clients to Canada is a question of life and death”, he added.

These families, including three young and stateless children, face persecution in Hong Kong and in their home countries. Their lives are in danger and it is critical for Canada to act quickly to protect them.

For the Refugees is an NGO founded by three Canadian lawyers from Montreal dedicated to supporting the families who provided shelter to Edward Snowden in Hong Kong and to giving a voice to Canadians who want these exceptional individuals to find safety and a normal life in our communities. We are working in collaboration with Edward Snowden’s Hong Kong lawyer Robert Tibbo, who is also a Montreal native.


For more information, please contact:

For the Refugees

Marc-André Séguin: +852 5419 8114


For the Refugees

417 St-Pierre, Suite 708 Montréal, Québec, H2Y 2M4, Canada

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