About Us

For the Refugees is a Canadian not-for-profit organisation fighting for the rights of political refugees and asylum seekers who have made an exceptional contribution to society but face great personal danger as a result.

Founded in 2016 by three Montreal lawyers, For the Refugees is a port of last resort for those whose circumstances make them too hot to handle by traditional means.

Our mission is to mobilize the resources needed to save their lives. We provide free legal support, media relations, and raise funds to provide for living expenses and relocation costs.

Our philosophy is to pay it forward. Refugees who receive our help have the opportunity, once settled in Canada, to help improve the lives of other refugees.

For the Refugees is a registered not-for-profit in Canada and a government-approved refugee sponsor.


Marc-André is a Partner and co-founder of Exeo Attorneys, a Canadian immigration law firm. As a former journalist, he covered legal issues in Canada for many years. Marc-André is an experienced lawyer specializing in Canadian immigration cases, working with international solidarity and cooperation organizations for nearly two decades. Member of the Quebec Bar and of the New York State Bar, Marc-André is a frequent speaker around the world on Canadian immigration issues.


Michael Simkin is a Montreal lawyer, human rights activist and entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience in corporate governance, particularly in the not-for-profit sector. He is known for his leadership, his expertise in community organizing, his social entrepreneurship and his strong communications skills. Michael represented the Public Service Alliance of Canada at the 2012 People’s Summit in Brazil as well as the 2013 World Social Forum in Tunisia and he has given conferences and workshops on human rights internationally for over ten years.


Ethan Cox is a journalist, editor and digital strategist based in Montreal. He is a co-founder of Ricochet Media, a bilingual and crowdfunded national media outlet, a co-owner of CauseComms, an award-winning digital agency working exclusively for good causes, and appears weekly on radio and TV in Montreal. A former union organizer, political operative and communications advisor to national campaigns, Ethan brings over ten years of experience in media, politics and digital and communications strategy.


Francis is a lawyer in Montréal, and a co-founder of Exeo Attorneys, a Canadian immigration law firm. Prior to founding Exeo, he worked for years for one of the leading business immigration firms in Hong Kong. There, he helped hundreds of individuals immigrate to Canada and the United States. Working for one of the most important immigration law firms in Canada, he then assisted many companies to regularize the status of their foreign workers. Francis has given many conferences across Asia and Europe on Canadian and American business immigration programs.

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