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Give hope to seven brave refugees.

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Update on Snowden’s Guardian Angels

Get the latest updates on Snowden’s Guardian Angels and their claims in Hong Kong and Canada as described by their Hong Kong lawyer Robert Tibbo in a recent interview on Sputnik News Scotland:...

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News Roundup – January 5, 2018

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2 weeks ago

For the Refugees

‪Ces réfugiés risquent leurs vies dans l’espoir d’un avenir meilleur. Comme avec les réfugiés d’Edward Snowden, le Canada entendra-t-il leur appel?‬

Épisodes | Enquête | ICI Télé
Consultez le résumé d’épisode d'Enquête
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4 weeks ago

For the Refugees

Why should Montrealers care about political refugees cases such as the Snowden case? Because you can help finance the support to the families involved.

Give your support for For The Refugees by sharing this message and by doing a donation at

For The Refugees was on MaTV, at 52:36

CITYLIFE MAtv - Vidéo: CITYLIFE MONTREAL - H18 SHOW #7 - Montréal - Mes émissions |
Retrouvez les dernières émissions de, des vidéos exclusivement réservées aux clients Vidéotron : reportages, extraits d’épisodes, entrevues, et bien plus encore !
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1 month ago

For the Refugees

T-Online in Germany has published an in-depth story on Snowden Families in Hong Kong. Please share and show your support.

So lief Snowdens Flucht aus Hongkong
Robert Tibbo ist der Anwalt, der Edward Snowden aus Hongkong herausgeholt hat...
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Do you know the story of Edward Snowden's Guardian Angels? In the last 24 hours we've raised over $6,168 from almost 200 donors to help save their lives, and bring them to safety in Montreal. This is their story: #refugees #cdnpoli #humanrights

Let's get this family to Quebec safe and sound!

They shouldn't be punished for helping a stranger. Their refugee application has been approved by the Quebec government...but the Canadian government are dragging their heels.

If you can help...please do.

117 people from #Deutschland to #Washington have donated in the past 24 hours to help save the brave refugees who sheltered Snowden. Will you join them?

Our non-profit is dedicated to saving the lives of the 7 refugees, including 3 young children, who sheltered Edward Snowden and are now being targeted for it. Please follow, retweet and ask your friends to follow as well. Help us build our reach and save lives. #refugees #cdnpoli

"It’s a race against time to get their privately-sponsored refugee applications, which have already been approved by the Quebec government, to be also approved by the Canadian consulate before they are deported by the Chinese-run government in Hong Kong." #HumanRights #Refugees

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