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Update on Snowden’s Guardian Angels

Get the latest updates on Snowden’s Guardian Angels and their claims in Hong Kong and Canada as described by their Hong Kong lawyer Robert Tibbo in a recent interview on Sputnik News Scotland:...

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News Roundup – January 5, 2018

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News Roundup – October 2017

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Yesterday's press conference in Hong Kong: ... See MoreSee Less

加拿大關注難民組織 For the Refugees 就一群有「斯諾登守護天使」之稱的在港難民家庭,申請免遣返聲請,遭到香港特區警方擬用虛假證詞,阻止其免遣返聲請申請。三位代表斯諾登難民的加拿大代表律師 包括 Marc-André Séguin, Michael Simkin & Cristina Rogov 講述原委。Hong Kong Police Solicit False Testimony in Snowden Refugee HearingHONG KONG - Canadian not-for-profit For the Refugees will make an announcement about new threats to the Snowden Refugees they have sponsored to immigrate to Canada. Disturbing evidence has emerged that the Hong Kong Police Department targeted the asylum seekers and their associates in an attempt to deliberately prejudice their asylum claims in Hong Kong.The Snowden Refugees made international headlines in 2016 with the release of Oliver Stone’s film “Snowden”, which included a scene that alerted the international community to their existence. Since then, their situation has become even more dire. These families, including three young stateless children, face institutional discrimination and social segregation in Hong Kong as well as documented threat in their home countries.Joined by Edward Snowden’s attorney, Barrister-at-law and Montreal native Robert Tibbo, the Montreal attorneys Marc-André Séguin, Michael Simkin, and Cristina Rogov, who are representing the three families in their Canadian immigration proceedings, have petitioned the Canadian government to accept them as refugees.

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Press conference LIVE in Hong Kong right now. We are updating the media on troubling new developments in the case of Snowden's Angels.

Hong Kong Police Solicit False Testimony in Snowden Refugee Hearing
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2018.02.08 12:00#米報即時「斯諾登難民」- 特區警方擬用虛假證詞 阻止其免遣返聲請申請 記者會 直播加拿大關注難民組織 "For the Refugees" 就 一群有「斯諾登守護天使」之稱的在港難民家庭 申請免遣返聲請 記者會斯諾登難民 加拿大代表律師 : Marc-André Séguin, Michael Simkin, Cristina Rogov

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More coverage of our press conference in Hong Kong. The Snowden refugees are being targeted and must be brought to safety.

“If Hong Kong ever wanted to show the world that the rule of law is eroding in this jurisdiction, it could not do it in a better way.” – @4TheRefugees on the persecution of their clients, the @Snowden refugees, by local authorities.

“We can’t do this alone, we need your help.” - @4TheRefugees lay out latest situation of the @Snowden refugees, accusing authorities of violating obligations and persecuting their clients.


Police illegally gathered evidence against asylum seekers who housed Edward Snowden in Hong Kong - South China Morning Post

“If Hong Kong ever wanted to prove that it is an undemocratic administration, it could not
have done a better job than through its deliberate mistreatment of our clients.” Marc-André Séguin, lawyer and co-founder of @4TheRefugees. LIVE STREAM:

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