Help Snowden’s Guardian Angels

A Message From Edward Snowden

The Hong Kong govenment has decided to deport Snowden’s Guardian Angels. Our legal team in Hong Kong has only two weeks to prepare the appeals. Please help us raise 15 000 Canadian Dollars to help with legal costs

We have collected $19,450.00 of $100,000.00 target. It is 19.45% of our goal. Thanks!


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Name of beneficiary:  POUR LES REFUGEES
                                       FOR THE REFUGEES

Account Number: 1235993
Unit Number: 00001
Bank Number: 003

For wire transfers in Canadian Dollars or in any currency OTHER than US Dollars:

IBAN: 003123599300001
Routing Number: 02000021
Name of the Bank: Royal Bank of Canada
Branch Address: RBC Montreal Main Branch, Transit 00001 1, Place Ville-Marie, Mezzanine 1 Montreal, Quebec H3C 3B5 CANADA

For wire transfers in US Dollars:

FedWire/ABA Routing: 021000021
CHIPS UID Code: 055253
Name of the Bank: J.P. Morgan Chase
Bank Address: 4 New York Plaza New York, NY 10004 USA

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